Farming is the heart of winemaking. We own and operate farms in two extremely unique valleys where diversity has all too often sparked our curiosity and ignited our drive. Differences in soil, elevation, aspect, geology, and the way the wind blows through each individual block. A decade ago we would not have guessed we would be making these wines in these places. However, the inspiration of the land was too great.

Farming is what we tirelessly do and we continue to push the envelope. Learning from those who have come before us and trying to set a good example for those looking up to us. Whether it is committing to treating our loyal crew members like ourselves, planting beautifully diverse areas for other crops and ecosystems to thrive, or learning and applying organic and regenerative practices on our land, we are always trying to be better. This is where truly great wines, that cannot be replicated, are “made”. Creating genuine happiness is a core purpose of ours - in our crews, in our land, and ultimately, we hope you see it yourself through the joy you experience when opening a bottle of our wine.

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